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Feng Shui

Feng Shui, natural elements of Wind and Water, to improve the Qi in your environment.               

Auspicious Dates

Auspicious Dates

Choice of auspicious dates for personal, home and business/office.         

Name Analysis

Name Analysis

Have the right name that can let you have a smoother road ahead.          



Customised forecast report of your personal year for a heads up on events.



Understand more about yourself and your life path through Numerology and Tarot.           

What our Client Say

“My second time with Renae and she has been very insightful and helpful. She came highly recommended and I will continue the recommendation as she is fantastic at what she does.”


“I’ve consulted Paul for many years and have actually shifted with him each time he moved office from Maxwell to Bugis to Orchard and back to Bugis again. He has also become a friend to me as I consulted him over many issues and over life’s various occasions. I find him to be very friendly and his advice and consultation to be very constructive and inspiring. I’ll definitely recommend his service to people who feel lost/need advice for different stages of their life.”

About Us

About Us

Renaye & Paul Consultancy Group formally known as Renae & Paul Metaphysics Academy, founded by dedicated teachers and life partners Renae Chan and Paul Kek, seeks to teach a good blend of “Eastern & Western form of Metaphysics” to the world. It...

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Workshops that help understand colour therapy, working with the universe and other energy or creating harmony and abundance with Feng Shui.

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Our Clients

View our top brands and happy clients, fully satisfied with our service.

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